“AIR” Aroma diffuser

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Aroma diffuser with a programmable computerized evaporation system.
Coverage area in a closed 200/250 square meters.

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When we make a decision our brain elaborates multisensory stimuli, among which the olfactory stimuli play a key role. They are immediately turned into emotions and they even influence our acceptance or refusal of the experience we are living.

Olfactory communication is therefore crucial because it connects instantly to inner states of consciousness, emotion and imagination and because the fragrance imprints our memories in our head.
In the olfactory marketing ambient scent is the perfect means because:
· It makes the time customers stay in the stores more pleasant
· It transmits feelings of weel-being and relaxation
· It communicates cleanliness
· It improves the employee’s performance

Coverage area in a closed 200/250 square meters.